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Catherine King – Hold On To Your Heart

"As a single mum I’m utterly pleased with the music of Catherine King, she seems to keep it more simple, not severely positioned in severe positivity, but more focused on singing a song from A to Z and executing it with a believable story style. Songs that ring up those exhausted motherly feelings that sometimes pop up into me at the rare occasions of being left alone , i will wear baggy pants, smoke some weed as I cowgirl-dance in secret to “highway 420” and sing ‘to hell with it all’ as more relieving tears guts out of my skull… it’s the country pop music that feels a bit like the ‘little sacred ME time’ that happens behind closed doors, or when I lock myself up in the cupboard when everything had become a bit much for me. Hold on to your heart seems like the kind of country album I would bring along in my hiding place… if I had money left I would gladly go to these online shops and get it to safe my own sanity. Besides she looks like a kind person, doesn’t she?"

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International performer and recording artist Catherine King released her debut album, Come Back to Me, in April 2016.  

Catherine has played at various venues on Cape Cod, throughout New England, New York and Canada.  She is a member of BMI, NSAI, Songtown USA, and NETN, which has enabled her to meet and collaborate with other like-minded songwriters from all over the world.  

Catherine's new full-length album, Hold On To Your Heart, was released October 2, 2018.